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  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    Great Instructor, Highly Recommended

    Bobby Jackson
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    My son has been taking TKD at East West Tae Kwon Do for the last 6 years. We are amazed at how much this has contributed to his confidence. Their teaching methods are outstanding and Master Sharma provides an authentic TKD curriculum. We are so grateful to be part of such a special martial arts family.

    Bonnie Zucker
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    Master Sharma and his team are exceptional. My son improved in regards to discipline and respect and overall physical abilities while loving every minute of it. There is a very good balance between training and simply having fun. My son also attended the camp which my wife and I give raving reviews. The East West Tae Kwon Do team is amazing with children. I would recommend all parents send their children to this martial arts school.

    Dave Shrank
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    Master Sharma changed my son’s life! The instruction at East West Tae Kwon Do extends way beyond the mat. My son was very active at a young age; attention and learning were challenges. He struggled with anxiety and was not confident in social situations. Master Sharma and the other instructors taught and emphasized the core tenets enabling my son to focus and develop his mind and body. He thrived at East West Tae Kwon Do earning belts, gaining confidence and becoming a counselor during the summers. The years have passed and my son is leaving for college next fall. He will take with him not only the highest quality martial arts training but the infinite wealth of life instruction he received from his years at East West Tae Kwon Do.

    Allison Shaffer
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    East West TKD saved my life

    I’m a medical student in my mid-20s living in New York City, and this past year I was mugged on my way home from the library. It was the middle of the night and 3 men surrounded me, and punched me in the face. In that split decision-making second I remembered my 13 years of training with Master Sharma for my black belt at East West. “Stranger danger- when you’re in public, make yourself big,” I heard him say to my 5-year-old self. I screamed “I’m calling the cops!” and kicked and punched, leaving the culprits to run away with only my headphones. After my bruises and scratches were healed, I called my old friend Master Sharma, and, I hope, made him proud.

    If you want your child to learn the importance of discipline, cultural sensitivity, self-defense, martial arts and have fun doing it, I’m convinced there’s no better place.

    Aaron Troy
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    This studio is the best! Fantastic instructors, great place to learn both physical and mental strength, self-control, confidence, toughness and perseverance. I was lucky enough to attend this Tae Kwon Do school for many years, making my way from white belt to black belt. Cannot say enough good things about how much fun I had through the entire journey! I highly recommended this studio over all others!!

    Cheryl Nath
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    Great place for kids to learn about health, goals, priorities from early on.

    Andrew Zakharenka
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    Great Tae Kwon Do school and instructor! My son has been taking classes at his elementary school for the last few months and can't stop talking about it! We're going to have to sign him up for more. Master Sharma is patient, but firm, and great with the kids. Highly recommended.

    Jacob Vogelhut
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    We are lucky enough to have Master Sharma come to our sons school once a week. HE IS WONDERFUL. We go to Washington Hebrew. He is so good in fact, that I'm now looking into the school itself to see if we can't send Max there full time.

    We did Kicks Karate for 9 mos, or however long that forced evergreen contract was. Not fun. Anyway, I thought the teachers there were good but it was an illusion. Within the first 2 mos Max was bored there and so was I.

    Master Sharma engages these young ones like I have never seen anywhere. Karate is a dead serious matter, but they have so much fun at the same time. Perfect combo for our kids! Thank you Master.

    Richard White
  • Kids Tae Kwon Do near Potomac Village

    This has been an excellent experience for our son. I highly recommend East West Tae Kwon Do!

    Kevin Raimond

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