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  • Tae Kwon Do for Self-Defense

    Tae Kwon Do for Self-Defense

    Many people begin tae kwon do and other martial arts to learn how to protect themselves from becoming the victim of a violent crime or offense. Whether it’s bullying, a mugging, or an argument gone awry, the absolute best way to protect yourself is to not become a victim in the first place. When bullies or criminals select their victims, they look for individuals that look like easy targets. The ideal targets for a bully or criminal are those who appear to be shy or timid, are not paying attention and can be taken off-guard, and those who appear to be easily intimidated. To minimize your chances of becoming a victim of bullying or a violent crime, here are some basic tips that can ....

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  • The Impact of The Tenets of Tae Kwon Do on Child Development | By Master Parshotam Sharma, 5th Dan

    Courtesy. Integrity. Self-Control. Perseverance. Indomitable Spirit. These are the core values that guide and shape traditional tae kwon do martial artists as they make their journey from white belt to black belt. While many sports teach valuable life lessons and discipline, the martial arts, like tae kwon do, is the only sporting group where core values, philosophy, and personal development are closely tied into the practitioner’s training curriculum, and integral to achieving advancement in the athletic art. For children especially, instilling the core values and principles of the martial arts, such as those in tae kwon do, can help them develop a strong and confident foundation ....

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