Our Belt System

At East West Tae Kwon Do, we follow the traditional belt system of Tae Kwon Do:  White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black, with white being the most junior level, and black the most senior.   Our training, evaluation and testing protocol is designed in a way that encourages success while giving students confidence in knowing that they have earned their rank.

Tiger Program

Children under the age of 10 begin in the “Tiger Program” prior to entering the colored belt system.  The “Tiger Program” subdivides the white belt curriculum so that the children can master the techniques at a developmentally appropriate level.

Black Belt Status

With dedication and continuous study, it can take an East West student anywhere from 5-8+ years to physically and mentally master the techniques to achieve black belt status.

Students who achieve black belt status prior to the age of 15 are awarded the status of Poom, or Junior Black Belt.  Pooms may continue their study to achieve more advanced degrees of black belt.  Once a Poom turns 15, they may test to transfer their Poom degree status to the equivalent Dan (Black Belt) status.  The practice of awarding Poom status instead of immediate black belt status prior to the age of 16 is common practice in traditional Tae Kwon Do schools.  Due to the permanence of the black belt status, we believe that it is important for our black belts to master their techniques in their adult-sized bodies, and have the emotional maturity to handle the information learned responsibly.  Students over the age of 16 may qualify for Dan status directly.

All black belts are registered with Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea.