What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art that originated about 2000 years ago.  “Tae” means techniques of the foot – kicking and jumping.  “Kwon” means the techniques of the hand – punches, strikes, and blocks.  “Do” means the art and manner of life.

What makes East West Tae Kwon Do different from other martial arts Schools?

East West teaches traditional Tae Kwon Do. Many martial arts schools have adopted a more watered down version of the traditional arts. While offering exercise, these diminished versions of martial arts often sacrifice the necessary technical knowledge needed to be effective in actual practice.  The skills that we teach allow our students to match up against the best schools in the area in local and national competitions.  All of our instructors are adult professionals – and are either current or former competitors themselves.   Our instructors know how to develop competence and confidence in others, and focus on developing the individual and helping them bring out their best!

IMG_3294What is a good age to start martial arts training?

Any age is a great age to start Martial Arts training!  Our Tiger program, for kids age 4 to 9, gives the little ones a safe and fun environment to practice their emerging skills.  For the older kids, Martial Arts training offers a non-competitive atmosphere with incredible benefits.  Beyond simply learning self-defense skills and maintaining or improving physical fitness, students will develop focus, discipline, respect, self-esteem, goal setting, and confidence. And for teens/adults, age 12+, Martial Arts training is a great way to improve fitness and flexibility and to learn practical self-defense skills.

How often should we attend classes?

Our programs and class schedules are specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s active families.  Since no two students are alike, our programs are based on achieving a specific ability level, and the timeframe to reach that goal is determined by each student’s unique circumstances.  Students may attend classes up to 3 times weekly (we offer classes 7 days per week).  We recommend that students try to attend two classes per week to retain information and also be eligible for belt promotions.

Can I try a class out?

We offer all new students a free trial lesson. There is no experience needed for this class so you will be able to attend right away.  After your class, ask us about our discounted programs.

I have no experience – is that OK?

That’s why we are here!   At East West TKD, we will be there every step of the way to help you.  No experience is needed.  Just come to class and let our staff of highly trained professionals work with you in our no-judgement, supportive way.

What should I wear?

Once you register for classes, you will need a TKD uniform to be able to practice techniques comfortably.  For your free trial lesson, just come in comfortable, loose clothing that you can bend and kick in.

How do I know that my child or I will stay interested?

We have designed our programs to continually reward and motivate students. Students are given numerous incentives in the classes. With each stripe and each new belt, students are able to set and achieve new goals. Our curriculum was carefully designed to give students fresh material and challenging skills to learn at each belt level that will excite and motivate them at every step. Finally, we participate in local, state, and national tournaments; a great way for students to improve their skills and build self-esteem.

Will I need private lessons?

Private lessons are not necessary.  Attending classes regularly will ensure you learn all you need to progress to the next level.  When students want extra instruction or practice in a technique or one-on-one instruction, private lessons are always available.

Will I be sparring?

Sparring is a big part of learning self-defense and confidence.  It gives students an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned.  At East West TKD, sparring is always done in a controlled way, using proper equipment, under the expert guidance of our instructors, and with utmost attention to safety. Students take care of one another and are supportive, helping each other become their best.  Students need to achieve yellow belt in order to spar.

Do I have to go to tournaments?

Students are not required to compete in tournaments, however it is strongly encouraged.  Some students thrive on competing against other schools in state and national tournaments.  Others are happy to train in the studio and engage in friendly competition with their friends.  Whichever way you decide to train, you will gain the skills you need should competition ever be your goal.  To date, we have trained 16 national champions and over 200 state champions.

I have more questions that weren’t answered on the web site. Is there someone I can talk to?

Feel free to contact us at eastwestTKD@verizon.net or (301) 869-7072 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.